Forada Supper Club Menu

Banquet Menu

These prices are based on a 200 person minimum
1 meat - $13.95
2 meats - $15.25
Tip & Tax is not included

There is a Kitchen Minimum of $2,500.
Buffet includes: Meat choices, salad (1), vegetable (1), potato (1), and dinner roll. Milk will be served with your meal. Punch is included (4 gallons) and served to the end of your meal. Coffee will be offered until the dance starts. Bottled water can be purchased at the bar.

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Meat Choices
 Broasted Chicken
 Grilled Chicken Breasts
 Beef Stroganoff
 Grilled Pork Chops
 Swedish Meatballs
 Roast Pork Tenderloin
 Ham (pit)
 Roast Beef (market value)
 Beef Tips-n-Gravy
Potato Choices
 Mashed with gravy
 Garlic mashed with gravy
 Baby Reds (with peelings)
 Baby Rounds (with butter)
 Au Gratin

 Corn
 Glazed Carrots
 Green Beans Almondine
 Mixed Veggies
 Cole Slaw
 Lettuce
 Pasta
 Caesar
 Potato
 Fruit ($1 extra per person)
Serving Choices:
Forada Supper Club Serves $100 (Bridal & Family)

Beverage Menu
 Beer Kegs (Domestic) (16 gallon) $300 each
 Imported Beer Kegs* (vary in price)
 Root Beer Kegs (1919 Root Beer (8 gallon) $100 each
 Wine and Champagne (cost depends on choice)
 Drink Tickets**

*Ends when dance starts
**To be arranged prior to the reception and will be picked up at the bar. You only pay for the tickets turned in.
 We suggest a Pop Tab for your guests that do not drink alcohol. $1.75 for each 16 oz. glass
 Open Bar – This will be done on a time basis only (1/2 hour or 1 hour increments)
 No smoking, e-cigarettes or vape pens in the building.
 We need to know if there are minors in the wedding party.
 Please do not permit children to sit at the bar.
 Family tables to be reserved is 4.
 Host, Hostess, or DJ needs to get guests seated before serving time.
 Dismissal needs to be organized; instructions needed from kitchen management for host and/or hostess.
These prices are subject to change.
 Forada Supper Club reserves the right to inspect and control any and all areas involved in the event.
 Clients will be held responsible for any damages, as a result of their guests.
 Smoke and fog machines are not allowed.
 No drinking in parking lot, or in vehicles in parking lot. Please inform your guests of this; there are no exceptions.