Booking Your Event

A nonrefundable booking fee of $500 and a $500 deposit is required when reserving your date. Final arrangements and final count of guests must be given to the Supper Club prior to noon on the Monday before your reserved date. You will be charged for that number. If more guests arrive, charge will increase. All food and beverages will be supplied and prepared by Forada Supper Club, excepting wedding cakes and cupcakes. Meals for children 5 and under are free. Cash bar is available. We accept checks or cash. There is an ATM on premise. We do NOT take credit cards. Note that all wedding and reception accounts are to be paid in full at the end of the reception.

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All Entertainment is allowed for 4 hours. All exceptions must be cleared with Management.

If you are arranging for your own decorations, we require a $300.00 cash deposit. This is to ensure all decorations are removed and no damage was done to the Forada Supper Club (ex. Nails, Tape, Wax, Garbage). Outside decorators will be held to a specific time to be arranged ahead of time.

We are not responsible for outside hired or rented items.

No sticky candy (ex. Taffy), Gum or "Candy Bars".

These Prices are subject to change.

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